Sunday, March 25, 2007


We are ditching Blogger because the "New Blogger" doesn't work and is annoying. Starting now all playlists and podcasts will be posted HERE. Previous playlists and podcasts will remain at this location indefinitely.

Nick & Alex

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Playlist for 18 March 2007

The Dead Science - "ps The Past"
The Dead Science - "White Stain"
Anton Bruhin - "InOut"
Walter Zimmermann - "Festina Lente - movements I and II"
Master Musicians of Bukkake - "Access of Evil"
Buddies - track 2 from Open Mouth #16 cassette
Giacinto Scelsi - "Maknongan" (version for contrabass clarinet)
John Duncan & CM von Hausswolff - "...Like a Lizard"

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Playlist for 04 March 2007 - Farewell to the Sun City Girls

Commercial Suicide paid tribute to the late, great Charles Gocher and his band the Sun City Girls.


Sun City Girls - "Blue Mamba"
Sun City Girls - "Six Kids of Mine"
Sun City Girls - "Batman Theme"
Sun City Girls - "Apna Desh"
Sun City Girls - "Journey to the Center of the Mind"
Sun City Girls - "Esoterica Abyssinia (banjo version)"
Sun City Girls - "The Venerable Song (The Meaning of Which is No Longer Known)"
Sun City Girls - "Children of Gravity"
Sun City Girls - "Uncle Jim"
Sun City Girls - "Space Prophet Dogon"
Sun City Girls - "Move Out of Wichita"
Sun City Girls - "The Fine Tuned Machines of Lemuria"
Sun City Girls - "The Shining Path"

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Playlist for 18 February 2007

Violent Onsen Geisha - "B-Real Wild Thing"
Senking - "Exhausted"
Nerve Net Noise - "Amber"
Nerve Net Noise - "Argon"
Nerve Net Noise - "Venus"
Peter Rehberg - "Bite Double"
Luciano Berio - "Laborintus 2 Part 1"
KTL - "Snow"
Carl Michael von Hausswolff - "Operations of spirit communication"

Monday, February 12, 2007

Podcast URLs

Hi gang,

Nick and I are working on getting what recorded shows we have available as podcasts. I'm slowly working my way through the archives... here's what I have for you so far.

17 September 2006
24 September 2006
29 October 2006 (Halloween show)
4 February 2007

Happy listening!


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Playlist for 11 February 2007

J.R. Corvington - "Juanita Banana"
Brent Fariss/Bill Thompson - "August" (excerpt)
Wzt Hearts - "Heat Chief, part 2"
Bhob Rainey & Ralf Wehowsky - "Awaken Elsewhere, Unforeseen"
John Duncan & Elliott Sharp - "Tongue, part 1"
Toshimaru Nakamura - "nimb#32"
MC Trachiotomy - "long to hold you"
Iancu Dumitrescu - "Ouranos I"
Iannis Xenakis - "Syrmos"

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Playlist for 4 February 2007


Walter Franco - "Vão da boca"
Angels of Light - "Wedding"
Kyoaku No Intention - "Kyoki"
Aki Onda - "Eclipse"
Aki Onda - "Flickering lights"
Aki Onda - "Last"
Aki Onda - "Voice"
Esoterica Landscapes 7 - "I'll die for my own sins"
Kim Cascone - "m_zero"
Akira Rabelais - "Et l'Esprit qui le suit dans son pèlerinage"
David Grubbs - "The name of ecstacy"
Blatherskite - "The shining path"