Sunday, February 13, 2005

Playlist for 13 Feb 2005, "Weird Guitar"

Fred Frith/Rene Lussier - "Cage de Verre"
Sir Richard Bishop - "Rudra's Feast"
Fred Frith - "Glass c/w Steel"
Derek Bailey - "Queue" from Eight Domestic Pieces
Derek Bailey - "f/b (112)electric" from String Theory
Nick Hennies - "The Powers of Organization"
Jandek - "It Rang Eleven Times"
Kurt Newman - live solo guitar on the air
Loren Mazzacane & Suzanne Langille - "Grip My Hand"
Helmut Oehring - "Foxfire Eins (Natriumpentothal)"
Taku Sugimoto - "Bells Of..." from Opposite
John Russell - "Psiotic"
Massacre - "After"
The Champs - "Andres Segovia Interests Me"