Monday, October 31, 2005

Playlist for 30 October 2005 - "The Halloween Show"

Nick and I teamed up for this show. Hopefully it was as fun to hear as it was to host.

Sonic Youth - "Halloween"
Diamanda Galas - "Saint of the pit"
Goblin - "Suspiria"
Math - "Halloween"
Charles Ives - "Halloween"
Legendary Pink Dots - "Malachi"
Debbie Harry - "Invocation to Papa Legba"
Judson Fountain - "Halloween night"
Brent Fariss - "Profondo rosso"
Goblin - "Profondo rosso"
Anton LaVey - "Satanic mass, verse 1"
Philip Glass - "Dracula"
Violent Femmes - "Candlelight song"
Charles Manson - "Garbage dump"
Jandek - "You wake up deadman"
Ennio Morricone - "Exorcist 2"
Culturcide - "Mommy and I are one"
Bloodrock - "DOA"
John Duncan - "Send"
Einsturzende Neubauten - "Die tod ist ein dandy"

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Playlist for 23 October 2005

Background Music: AMM - "Like A Cloud Hanging in the Sky?"
Daniel Higgs - organ solo from Phoning It In live broadcast
Background Music: MC Trachiotomy - "Palpitations"
John Jacob Niles - medley
Presocratics - "One Step Back"
Bernhard Lang - "DW 15: mvt. 1"
Kevin Drumm - "Second"
Background Music: Jürg Frey - "Sam Lazaro Bros."
Ralf Wehowsky & Kevin Drumm - "Case B" (excerpt)
Tim Hodgkinson - "Black Death & Errors In Construction"
Iancu Dumitrescu - "Ouranos I"
Kenneth Gaburo - "Mouthpiece II"
Jandek - Live @ Instal '05 w/Loren MazzaCane Connors
Talk Talk - "Stump"
Background Music: Maher Shalal Hash Baz - "Unknown Happiness"
Talk Talk (Mark Hollis) - "Piano"

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Playlist for 16 October 2005 - "Netreleases"

All the pieces I played on this show are netreleases - freely available for download. This playlist is hyperlinked to the release websites.

Panda Attack - "I've just waited"
Nikita Golyschev - "Giallo Permanente Skuro"
Micha Silver - "Houston/Touch"
S. Muriyama & M. Northam - "They stood around and watched"
Violet - "Okraina"
Erstlaub - "Blown"

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Playlist for 9 October 2005 - "The Music of Luigi Nono"

Maher Shalal Hash Baz - "His Banner Over Me Was Love"
Maher Shalal Hash Baz - "The King of North"
Luigi Nono - "Polofonica - Monodia - Ritmica"
Luigi Nono - "3rd scene: Chorus of Demonstrators" & "4th Scene: Gendarmen, Fluchtling, Frau, Stimme von Alleg" from Intolleranza 1960
Luigi Nono - "A Floresta e jovem e cheja de vida" (excerpt)
Luigi Nono - "Ricorda cosa ti hanno fatto in Auschwitz, cori da "Ermittlung" de P. Weiss"
Luigi Nono - "La Guerra" & "Casida de la rosa" from Epitaffio No. 1: Espana en el corazon
Luigi Nono - "Con Luigi Dallapiccola"
Luigi Nono - "Donde estas hermano?"
Luigi Nono - 1st movement from "hay que caminar" sognando
Luigi Nono - "A Carlo Scarpa, architetto, ai suoi infiniti possibili"
Luigi Nono - "Das atmende Klarsein" (excerpt)

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Playlist for 2 October 2005

Thanks for all your contributions during the membership drive! The all-Austin show was great but nowhere near as great as all the artists represented.

Rick Reed - For the Herman Nitsch Exhibition, 2005
Frequency Curtain - Live, 2003
Gates Ensemble - Live on KOOP, August 2005
Phill Niblock (with members of the Austin New Music Co-op) - Live in Austin, 2004
Field - Live at Anti-SXSW, 2005
Josh Russell - Live at the Loft Series, 2004