Sunday, November 26, 2006

Playlist for 26 November 2006

Rusted Shut - "Kill"
Concrete Violin - "What the Fossils Say"
inBOIL - "Cathtrathon Complekth God"
Climax Golden Twins - Untitled (from the Tinker compilation)
Christopher DeLaurenti - "N30 - Who Guards the Guardians?"
Nam June Paik - "Stude for Pianoforte"
Nam June Paik - "Prepared Piano for Merce Cunningham"

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Playlist for 19 November 2006

Sonic Youth with Yamatsuka Eye - "TV shit" (no, I did not say shit on the air)
KK Null- "V02/659"
Zeni Geva - "Disorganization"
David Tudor - "Anima Pepsi"
M. Behrens - "Source feedback"
Vopat - "Calcutta 1"
Steve Barsotti - "Tintapemic"
Pain Teens - "Innsmouth part I"

Monday, November 13, 2006

Playlist for 12 November 2006

Jandek - "You Just About Killed Me"
Stuart Saunders Smith - "Links no. 8 (Witness to 48 Things)"
Robert Ashley - "Automatic Writing" (excerpt)
Luigi Nono - "Hölderlin" from Prometeo
Toshimaru Nakamura/Sean Meehan - track 2 from From Tour (excerpt)
Ami Yoshida/Christof Kurzmann - track 3 from Aso
Thomas Stiegler - "Gran Partita" from Kammerkomplex
Big Blood - track #2 from self-titled CD-R
therefore - "Plausible Binding"

Monday, November 06, 2006

Playlist for 5 November 2006

Souled American - "Frozen"
LaMonte Young - "The Well-Tuned Piano" (excerpt)
Francois Dufrene - "Haut-Satur"
Henri Chopin - "Le Corps"
Anton Webern - "Six Bagatelles for String Quartet"
Alvin Lucier - "In Memoriam Jon Higgins" (excerpt)
Robert Ashley - "String Quartet describing the motions of large real bodies" (excerpt)
Bhob Rainey/Greg Kelley/Andrea Neumann/Axel Doerner - "Thanks, Cash"
Kunsu Shim - "Chamber Piece No. 1"
Radu Malfatti/Mattin - untitled from "White Noise"
Morton Feldman - "Crippled Symmetry" (excerpt)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Playlist for 29 October 2006 - Halloween

We had a fun Halloween show. Instead of playing tracks in sequence we did a real-time mix, combining interesting music with odd recordings. Included were

-invocations by Aleister Crowley
-"Dark skies at noon" by Rick Reed
-"Cris D'Aveugle" by Diamanda Galas
-"The Lord's Prayer" read by Lawrence Ferlinghetti - played backwards
-Halloween sound effects records by BBC, Disney, etc etc
-"Invocation to Samhain" by Sunn O)))

The Aleister Crowley recording had the interesting effect of shutting down the studio amplifier.