Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Playlist for 29 October 2006 - Halloween

We had a fun Halloween show. Instead of playing tracks in sequence we did a real-time mix, combining interesting music with odd recordings. Included were

-invocations by Aleister Crowley
-"Dark skies at noon" by Rick Reed
-"Cris D'Aveugle" by Diamanda Galas
-"The Lord's Prayer" read by Lawrence Ferlinghetti - played backwards
-Halloween sound effects records by BBC, Disney, etc etc
-"Invocation to Samhain" by Sunn O)))

The Aleister Crowley recording had the interesting effect of shutting down the studio amplifier.


Blogger holdthetape said...

Crowley shuts off the amp? SPOOKY! Get in touch sometime, I'd love to trade experimental radio show stories with you sometime!


12:29 PM  

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