Monday, November 06, 2006

Playlist for 5 November 2006

Souled American - "Frozen"
LaMonte Young - "The Well-Tuned Piano" (excerpt)
Francois Dufrene - "Haut-Satur"
Henri Chopin - "Le Corps"
Anton Webern - "Six Bagatelles for String Quartet"
Alvin Lucier - "In Memoriam Jon Higgins" (excerpt)
Robert Ashley - "String Quartet describing the motions of large real bodies" (excerpt)
Bhob Rainey/Greg Kelley/Andrea Neumann/Axel Doerner - "Thanks, Cash"
Kunsu Shim - "Chamber Piece No. 1"
Radu Malfatti/Mattin - untitled from "White Noise"
Morton Feldman - "Crippled Symmetry" (excerpt)


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