Sunday, December 10, 2006

Playlist for 10 December 2006

First show at the new studio - a little rocky but sounds very good.

KOOP's recovery from the fires of last year would have been impossible without the efforts of many. Much thanks to Andrew, Matt, Amy, Rebecca, Kim, Nico, the tech team, and everyone else who helped out. Also thanks to KEOS Radio in College Station for the equipment and help setting up - and thanks to Clear Channel for the equipment loans!

Richard Chartier - "entershift"
Richard Chartier -"chlorine"
Richard Chartier -"notes"
COH - "Morphine x"
COH - "Steep Staple tone"
COH - "The closing"
Nick Hennies - "The pigeons of Pazin"
Alvin Lucier - "I am sitting in a room"
Bob Ostertag - "Sooner or later"
Robert Ashley - "Purposeful lady slow afternoon"
Richard Chartier - "(.)#3"


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